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KHA InfoSuite is the on-line data decision support system available to KHA members for obtaining information from KHA’s statewide inpatient and outpatient Limited Data Set. is a resource center for KHAInfoSuite users. To access this site, you must have a current KHA InfoSuite user name and password

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Slice & Dice produces information through a real-time, interactive pivot table, exportable to Excel or CSV.

Point & Click produces high-level reports in Word, PDF, and Excel formats.

What is KHA InfoSuite?
KHA InfoSuite is the on-line data system available to KHA members for obtaining information from KHA’s statewide inpatient and outpatient Limited Data Set.

Why KHA InfoSuite?

  • Up-to-date, timely access to detailed inpatient and outpatient market information
  • Verify your organization’s market position on a broad or very specific basis
  • Explore specific opportunities for tailoring
    services your market needs
  • Compare your facility to peer facilities

Where does KHA get the data?

Kentucky hospitals and other providers are mandated to report inpatient and outpatient utilization data to the Commonwealth of Kentucky quarterly. KHA serves as the official collection agency through an agreement with
the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services, providing the Cabinet with the data they are required to collect.

What information can I find there?
KHA InfoSuite contains inpatient data and outpatient surgery data at the case level for 2010 through the current collection period. Data elements are based on the modified 837 billing format and include payer information. Emergency Services, Observation Care and several other outpatient imaging and treatment modalities are also included in the system. Beginning January 1, 2015, KHA has collected all outpatient cases, greatly expanding the dataset. As new quarters of data are submitted and edited for quality, they are added to the system.

What features does it have?
KHA InfoSuite allows the user to extract information through a series of standardized reports and Excel spreadsheets. The system prompts the user through a series of interactive menus for filtering and grouping the data for your specific information needs. Reports are printable or may be downloaded in a text, PDF, CSV, or spreadsheet file. The information is ideal for utilization analysis, planning, marketing and quality applications.

How may I have access?
Your facility or system must have a current KHA InfoSuite System License Agreement. Users may request a user account. The system initially generates a temporary password. Access to the system can be made using any web browser (Chrome or Firefox is suggested) and requires no special software.

What are the limitations for use?
The information is de-identified patient data. HIPAA compliance and protection is required. For internal use, you may examine and share the information without limitation. There are specific guidelines available from KHA for external use of the information.

Who can use it?
Any appropriate staff member may receive a login and password with an e-mail approval to KHA from your facility’s administration. Your facility is responsible for use and privacy compliance. The number of users from your organization is limited only by you and there is no fee for additional users.

Is training available?
Initial training is provided by KHA, including a copy of the KHA InfoSuite Training Manual. The system also has built-in tutorials and examples for all functions.

Is the data available for other tools I have?
Yes, if your system or facility has a current KHA InfoSuite System License Agreement. You may obtain member general release limited datasets by contacting KHA.

To access the InfoSuite Help Desk, dial 1-888-393-7353.

  • Press 1 for Technical Questions (Hardware,Internet, CITRIX Installation and Related Topics)
    Press 2 for Data or Application Questions (Assistance with navigating KHA InfoSuite)

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