Certificate of Need

Kentucky’s Certificate of Need (CON) law helps to assure that citizens across the Commonwealth have access to care when they need it. The CON program has been in place for decades and has worked well in Kentucky to assure access to care and safety for patients.

The program is intentionally dynamic, changing as the health care needs of the Commonwealth change, and goes through a rigorous re-examination each year as a part of Kentucky’s State Health Plan. Hospitals have planned expansions and additional services based on the law and have relied on the stability CON provides to deliver services to their communities. 

Photo of businessman with jenga tiles labeled with Certificate of Need language


Certificate of Need Modernization one-sheet

Certificate of Need Modernization

Kentucky’s hospitals and health systems recommend common-sense proposals to improve CON. (2023)

Updated KHA Certificate of Need Analysis

Overview of the Certificate of Need report developed for KHA by Ascendient. (2023)

Retain Certificate of Need for Freestanding
Birthing Centers

Certificate of Need assures quality care for mothers and babies. (2023)