State & Federal Issues

KHA monitors federal issues affecting Kentucky hospitals, including issues related to Medicaid, COVID-19, price transparency, and surprise billing laws surrounding out-of-network billing.

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State Policy Papers

Support HB 477

Protect Patients with Sepsis

HB 477 would require Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) to follow the same guidelines for Medicaid the federal government has already established for Medicare. (2024)

Support SB 27: Protect Private Money Providing Patient Access

Please support SB 27 – to protect contract pharmacies, hospitals, and most importantly, the patients we serve. (2024)

Phantom Damages one-sheet

Phantom Damages

Legislation in Kentucky is needed to bring fairness to the calculation of damages in general liability and medical malpractice litigation – doing so will also help to reduce liability and health care costs. (2020)

Federal Policy Papers

Federal Surprise Billing Law one-sheet

Federal Surprise Billing Law 

The federal “No Surprises Act” was designed to address the concerns surrounding out-of-network billing. (2021)

KHA Summary of Key Provisions in COVID-19 Stimulus Legislation one-sheet

COVID-19 Stimulus Legislation Key Provisions 

This report offers a summary of the key provisions in the COVID-19 stimulus legislation. (2021)

Stop Medicaid DSH Cuts one-sheet

Stop Medicaid DSH Cuts 

KHA and Kentucky hospitals request the Kentucky congressional delegation to support restructuring state Medicaid DSH allotments. (2020)

The No Surprises Act went into effect on January 1, 2022. All hospitals must adhere to the requirements, including:
  • Establishing an independent dispute resolution process to determine out-of-network payment amounts between providers (including air ambulance providers) or facilities and health plans.
  • Requiring good-faith estimates of medical items or services for uninsured (or self-paying) individuals.
  • Establishing a patient-provider dispute resolution process for uninsured (or self-paying) individuals to determine payment amounts due to a provider or facility under certain circumstances.
  • Providing a way to appeal certain health plan decisions.
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has provided resources to help providers comply with the new rules on their No Surprises website: