Committees & Forums


Certificate of Need Committee

The purpose of the Certificate of Need (CON) Committee is to make recommendations on changes to the State Health Plan and Kentucky’s CON laws. The Committee reviews requests for changes to the State Health Plan from other KHA committees and forums and makes recommendations to the KHA Board.

Staff: Jim Musser and Donna Little

Legislative Committee

The purpose of the Legislative Committee is to assist the KHA staff in developing both state and federal legislative priorities and recommend those positions to the KHA Board.

Staff: Jim Musser 

Hospital Reimbursement Committee

The purpose of the Hospital Reimbursement Committee is to review and advise KHA on financial policy, including legislation, regulation and policies related to Medicare, Medicaid and commercial reimbursement. Staff:  Rosmond Dolen

Statewide Data Committee

The purpose of the Statewide Data Committee is to assist KHA staff in analyzing and developing the KHA data collection program and recommend future data projects.

Staff: Melanie Landrum

Pharmacy Committee

The purpose of the Pharmacy Committee is to advise KHA on legislation, regulations, policy and reimbursement issues that impact hospital and health system pharmacies including issues related to the 340B program.

Staff: Jim Musser and Donna Little

Quality Committee

The purpose of the Quality Committee is to provide oversight of the various KHA quality programs and collaboratives, champion hospital participation and advise on new initiatives to be undertaken.

Staff: Melanie Landrum and Casey Franklin

Workforce Committee

The purpose of the Workforce Committee is to provide statewide leadership on hospital and health care workforce planning including the development of recommendations for workforce strategies to address supply, training, recruitment, retention, resiliency and workplace violence.

Staff: John “J.P.” Hamm and Melanie Landrum

Committee on Volunteer Services

The purpose of the Committee on Volunteer Services is to discuss the role of the volunteer in the hospital setting. Members share fundraising ideas, projects within their hospital and how they can provide assistance to the many patients and families that come to the hospital each and every day.

Staff: Kris Allen and Shayla Broughton


Workgroups and Forums

Patient Transport Work Group

The purpose of the Patient Transport Work Group is to evaluate Kentucky’s emergency medical transportation system and make recommendations for improvements to assure prompt response to medical emergencies and patient transport.

Staff: Bud Warman and Richard Bartlett

Small, Rural and Critical Access Hospital Forum

All acute care hospitals under 100 beds in rural areas and all hospitals with the federal designation of Critical Access Hospital (CAH) are invited to participate in this Forum. The Forum meets quarterly and provides an opportunity to discuss topics specific to small and rural issues and topics specifically related to delivering care in a CAH.

Staff: Bud Warman 

Psychiatric/ Chemical Dependency Hospital Forum

All freestanding psychiatric/chemical dependency hospitals and acute care hospitals with inpatient psychiatric/chemical dependency units are invited to participate in the Psychiatric/Chemical Dependency Hospital Forum. 

Staff: Claire Riley

Post-Acute Forum

The Post-Acute Forum brings together representatives of members providing post-acute care services including physical rehabilitation hospitals, long-term acute care hospitals, psychiatric hospitals and home health services to discuss cross cutting issues that impact coordinated post-acute care.

Staff: Claire Riley

Physician Leadership Forum

The Physician Leadership Forum brings together Chief Medical Officers (CMOs) to discuss policy issues that impact the clinical care of patients. The Physician Leadership Forum makes recommendations to the KHA Board on clinically related policy and legislative issues.

Staff: Deb Campbell

Kentucky Clinic Leaders Forum

Each month, KHA convenes a forum of Kentucky clinic leaders and outpatient documentation specialists (including hospital-based clinics, Rural Health Clinics, Federally Qualified Health Centers and physician clinics) to share ideas and education.

Staff: Pam Kirchem, MBA, FACHE, CHFP, CSPPM

Executive Forum

The Kentucky Hospital Association has developed a leadership webinar series for hospitals and health systems executives. This series will focus on change management at the personal, team and
organizational level, provide executives with strategic tools and mindsets to implement in your health care environment. Attendees will learn how health care systems led by people who are compassionate, principled and engaged can undergo profound and lasting transformation.

Staff: Nancy Galvagni