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KHA Solutions Group is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Kentucky Hospital Association.

Since 1979, KHA Solutions Group has provided specialized services to hospitals, health care organizations and other industries. KHA Solutions Group’s history of success reflects the belief that the best client relationships are built upon a foundation of professionalism, integrity and personal service.

KHA Solutions Group strives to ensure you have the appropriate insurance coverage to protect the health and safety of your business and personnel. Do you have the appropriate coverage for your unique situation?

In addition, KHA Solutions Group’s Affinity Partner Program develops mutually beneficial relationships between hospitals and the private sector – relationships that are relevant, cost-effective and supportive of hospitals’ priorities.

Contact us today to schedule a meeting and KHA Solutions Group staff will use our expertise and resources to develop the correct insurance package for you.

About KHA Solutions Group

Our Mission

At KHA Solutions Group, our commitment is to provide a range of integrated services to protect and enhance our clients’ financial well-being.


Emerging trends and legislative action constantly reshape the insurance and employee benefits industry. We stay abreast of these changes, developing innovative solutions to meet our clients’ individual needs. The expertise of our associates and our dedication to service ensure our ability to meet and exceed client expectations for performance.


At KHA Solutions Group, we act in the interest of our clients. Client satisfaction is our only goal and our only assurance of continued success.


Service is the hallmark of our success. We continue to expand our expertise and capabilities to meet our clients’ increasingly complex needs. We partner with each client, working together to define and establish goals. Then, following a thorough needs analysis, we develop and implement the programs required to reach those goals. When appropriate, we communicate the programs to your employees. Finally, we conduct periodic reviews to evaluate the effectiveness of the programs and to ensure compatibility with changes in objectives, legislation or work force demographics.


Our clients have access to a wide variety of services in the areas of benefit and insurance planning, consulting and risk management.

“KHA Solutions Group handles all of our property and casualty insurance. We get professional, personal service, and I can always reach someone when I need assistance with matter big or small. I trust the Solutions Group professionals to keep me informed regarding all matters affecting my coverage and to help me through renewals. As part of the Kentucky Hospital Association, they always have our back!”

Angela Portman

Angela Portman

Chief Executive Officer, Breckinridge Memorial Hospital

For more information on any of our services, please contact us at your convenience. We will be happy to assist you. 

KHA Solutions Group
Post Office Box 436629
Louisville, Kentucky 40253-6629
502-426-6220 or 800-945-4542

Michele Bryant
Executive Assistant

Brenda Conn
Customer Service Representative/Property and Casualty

Lisa Hyman, RN, JD
Associate Vice President, Human Resources & Risk Management

Pam Kirchem, MBA
Director of the Affinity Partner Program

Kimberley Naber, JD
Vice President and General Counsel

Darlene Phillips
Insurance Services Consultant

April Smith
Vice President/Finance and Chief Financial Officer

Bud Warman, FACHE
Vice President Members Services

Angela Portman