Workplace Violence Prevention

According to Time magazine, “data shows American health care workers now suffer more nonfatal injuries from workplace violence than workers in any other profession, including law enforcement.” (Time, August 7, 2023)

The following statistics illustrate the severity of this crisis (Healthcare Finance, June 2023): 

  • 40% of healthcare workers have experienced at least one incident of workplace violence within the past two years.
  • 60% of healthcare workers who experienced violence identified themselves as bedside nurses.
  • 34% of those nurses reported emotional or verbal violence.
  • 66% experienced physical or sexual violence. Survey respondents who provided details:
    • 51% said they dealt with a combative patient.
    • 62% of respondents endured scratching, biting and hitting while dealing with a combative patient
    • 21% said the patient threw objects
    • 14% indicated sexual assault or harassment


Protect Hospital Caregivers from Workplace Violence

Protect Hospital Caregivers from Workplace Violence

Violence against hospital workers has been on the rise for some time but has significantly accelerated since the COVID-19 pandemic. Health care professionals keep all of us safe. We need to return the favor. Violence against health care workers is never acceptable. (2023)

AVADE® Workplace Violence Prevention Training

KHA has partnered with a Joint Commission-accredited workplace violence prevention company, AVADE. Incidents in the workplace are inevitable, being victimized isn’t. Proper awareness training prepares staff to be ready, responsible, and capable.

“AVADE is an awesome experience. AVADE – The future of healthcare workplace violence prevention.”

Kevin, Security Coordinator, TJ Regional Health

“AVADE is great and comprehensive. It was born out of healthcare and is tailored to healthcare. That is what makes it stand apart from the rest.”

Ben, Security Director, Rockcastle Regional Hospital

“AVADE is real world violence education, prevention and mitigation and not just in the workplaces but in the life places!”

Hannah, Paramedic, Saint Joseph London

“AVADE is great! Every nurse should have this training!”

April, RN, Saint Joseph Berea

“David and Genelle are the greatest teachers I’ve ever worked with. Their teaching keeps you completely immersed in all aspects of the class. Their passion and drive to keep staff, patients and everyday people safe is contagious. I can’t wait to come back.”

Dylan, Director of Security, Pikeville Medical Center

“AVADE training is a game changer. It will change the entire culture of your facility.”

Jeri, RN, Risk Manager, Central State Hospital

“I have experienced several de-escalation programs. This (AVADE) is by far the best.”

Jenni, Behavioral Health Unit Manager, Owensboro Health Regional Hospital


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American Organization for Nursing Leadership
An American Nurses Association study found that over a three-year period, 25 percent of surveyed registered nurses and nursing students reported being physically assaulted by a patient or a patient’s family member. 93% of all assaults come from patients or customers. Healthcare systems need to protect their staff. UCHealth developed a course that educated frontline staff on de-escalation techniques. During the measurement period following the deployment of the course, they have seen a 34% decrease in workplace violence. Now you can equip your staff with tools to recognize, report and de-escalate potential or actual threats of workplace violence.

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Building a Safe Workplace and Community: Violence Mitigation in a Culture of Safety
This issue brief examines how hospitals’ violence mitigation efforts can fit effectively into an organization’s culture of safety strategy. The brief includes thought provoking questions to facilitate discussion of how violence mitigation can be integrated seamlessly into the larger framework of patient and worker safety initiatives, supporting an overall culture of safety. It also explores strategies that leaders could take to best support a culture that mitigates violence as part of larger enterprise efforts.
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Hospitals Against Violence Initiative

The Hospitals Against Violence Initiative (HAV) is sharing examples and best practices with the field, with a particular emphasis on youth violence prevention, workplace violence prevention and combatting human trafficking.
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