Workforce Challenges

Kentucky hospitals and healthcare systems are facing unprecedented critical workforce shortages, exponential growth in labor costs, and an ongoing need to use travel nurses to help staff their facilities.


Kentucky's Nursing Workforce Crisis one-sheet

Kentucky’s Nursing Workforce Crisis

This one-sheet highlights current workforce challenges facing hospitals, future challenges related to the number of new nurses coming into the profession, and how workforce shortages affect the care of sicker populations. (2022)

How Increasing Labor Costs Impact Kentuckians' Access to Healthcare one-sheet

How Increasing Labor Costs Impact Kentuckians’ Access to Care

Kentucky hospitals are coping with extraordinary expenditures to retain staff and fill vacancies, including premium pay and extremely high-cost contract labor. (2022)

Ensuring Access to Patient Care one-sheet

Ensuring Access to Patient Care Whenever You Need It

Too many health care workers are leaving the field and too few are coming to take their place. How can the impending loss of access to patient care be corrected? (2022)