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About KHA

The Kentucky Hospital Association (KHA), established in 1929, represents hospitals, related health care organizations, and integrated health care systems dedicated to sustaining and improving the health status of the citizens of Kentucky.


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About Us


The Kentucky Hospital Association will be the leading voice for Kentucky health systems in improving the health of our communities.


To transform the health landscape to make high quality care more affordable and accessible for the people of Kentucky.

Membership by Area
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Membership by Hospital Type
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Geographically, KHA is divided into four districts: Blue Grass, Cumberland, Ohio Valley and Twin Lakes. Getting involved at the District Level is a great way to meet with your local peers and have an impact on the Association.

KHA Districts
Kentucky Hospital District map
Kentucky Area Development Districts (ADD)
Kentucky Area Development District map

Our Values

Vision – continually planning for the future with imagination and wisdom.
Responsiveness – providing rapid response to the needs of our members and colleagues.
Adaptability – adapting to evolving challenges with flexibility.
Integrity – uniting in our dedication to honesty, transparency and respect.

Passion – working every day to fulfill our mission with energy, enthusiasm and perseverance.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Looking to build connections or establish affiliations or joint ventures with Kentucky hospitals to better assist them in fulfilling their responsibilities in a cost-effective manner?
KHA offers many sponsorship levels to fit your needs.