Kentucky Hospital Association Partners with I-PASS to Launch Statewide Program to Reduce Medical Errors, Improve Patient Safety


I-PASS, the gold standard for reducing preventable medical errors through improved clinical handoffs, today announced an industry leading partnership with the Kentucky Hospital Association (KHA) through the organization’s I-PASS Kentucky Hospital Association Transitions and Communication in Hospitals (KHATCH) Program. The I-PASS KHATCH Program’s mission is to elevate care quality across the state. I-PASS’s handoff bundle is proven to reduce clinician miscommunication, improve outcomes, and decrease adverse events and associated malpractice claims. Through the program, KHA will fund the implementation of the I-PASS handoff bundle for its member organizations over an eight-year period with the goal of establishing a universal language for transitions across the Commonwealth.

KHA is a recognized leader in care quality, working with hospitals, health care organizations, and integrated health care systems dedicated to sustaining and improving the health status of the citizens of Kentucky. The association’s member network is comprised of over 128 hospitals, clinics, and health centers, representing all the acute care, rehabilitation, and behavioral health hospitals in Kentucky.

Like many health care institutions, Kentucky hospitals face post-pandemic challenges such as staffing shortages and unprecedented financial losses, straining an overtaxed system and jeopardizing care quality. These threats to patient safety are not unique to Kentucky. According to a study published by The Joint Commission, sentinel event rates increased by 78% from 2020 to 2022 nationwide; communication breakdowns were the leading cause of these events.

Recognizing that patient handoffs offer the opportunity to significantly reduce preventable patient harm and positively impact the workforce experience, KHA sought a partnership with I-PASS to encourage providers across the state to adopt a consistent and uniform framework for coordinating patient care.

“We applaud the Kentucky Hospital Association’s leadership in advancing the health care industry by demonstrating commitment to improving patient safety,” said Marshall Burkhart, I-PASS’s Vice President of Client Engagement. “Kentucky Hospital Association is taking an active role in solving these challenges, rather than just raising awareness that the problems exist. This statewide program is the monumental step towards creating a national model for reliable handoff communication among clinicians, establishing the foundation for systemic change in patient safety.”

As part of the multifaceted I-PASS bundle of solutions, which includes coaching, consultation, and a series of technological tools to increase the quality and reliability of verbal and written handoffs, KHA hospitals will utilize I-PASS eVIEW, a digital written handoff tool that integrates with all major electronic health records (EHRs). The I-PASS eVIEW tool is highly customizable and reduces workflow redundancies, such as double documentation, removing unnecessary operational barriers from the plates of the health care workforce.

“The Kentucky Hospital Association’s mission is to improve the health of our local communities. We recognize that improved communication is integral to advancing patient care quality and mitigating known drivers of employee turnover and burnout,” said Deborah Campbell, Vice President of Clinical Strategy and Transformation at KHA. “The KHATCH Program will provide our members with funded access to a valid, reliable tool for improving patient safety and establish a universal language for care transitions at institutions across the Commonwealth. We’re proud to endorse I-PASS and expand access to their services.”

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