Active Shooter Guidance

US FBI - Active Shooter Planning and Response in a Healthcare Setting (PDF - 115 pages)

HHS ASPR: Incorporating Active Shooter Incident Planning into Health Care Facility Emergency Operations Plans

Translated Active Shooter Resources

Health and Medical Response to Active Shooter and Bombing Events

Active Shooter info from California Hospital Association

Department of Homeland Security Active Shooter Resources for Hospitals

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Active Shooter Resources from Hospital Association of Southern California (HASC)

October 31, 2008 - HASC developed the Security and Safety Active Shooter Drill Tool Kit to create greater awareness of workplace violence among hospitals and other health care facilities, and to provide the tools necessary for each facility to develop a plan that leads to a safer, more prepared environment.

Based on an active shooter drill held at LAC + USC Medical Center in March 2013, the materials feature templates, checklists, industry guidelines, scenarios, safety rules, participant releases and staffing suggestions for planning a similar event. This video also provides a firsthand account of the HASC drill with scenes from the simulated attack in clinical and office settings.

CDC Releases Blast Injury Mobile Application

April 6, 2016 - The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently announced the release of a new Blast Injury mobile application to assist in the response and clinical management of injuries resulting from terrorist bombings and other mass casualty explosive events. The application provides clear, concise, up-to-date medical and healthcare systems information to assist healthcare providers and public health professionals in the preparation, response, and management of injuries resulting from terrorist bombing events.

CDC Blast Injury App for iPhone and iPad