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SUNRx offers the easiest and most effective way for rural health providers to take advantage of the 340B opportunity. SUNRx helps hospitals and health centers:

Generate Revenue. Capture revenue from patients with third party coverage, and generate $40 or more from each qualifying claim.

Reduce costs. Reduce the cost of medications for eligible patients by half.

Launch contract pharmacy networks. Your hospital does not need a 340B inventory, additional staff, or an outpatient pharmacy. We can build a seamless network of retail pharmacies to dispense 340B discount drugs.

Improve patient care. Help patients save money on medications so they fill their prescriptions, go to the emergency room less often, and have better health outcomes.

Simplify 340B. At no upfront cost, SUNRx can administer all aspects of your 340B program, including eligibility, inventory, third party payments, and regulatory compliance.

Health centers and hospitals in Kentucky and across the nation are choosing SUNRx to implement and manage 340B programs.


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SUNRx Testimonial

SUNRx Testimonial