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KHA is committed to helping the commonwealth's hospitals serve the needs of their communities at all times, especially when people need them the most. Every acute care hospital providing emergency services is required by Kentucky law to respond to patients presenting as a victim of sexual assault by (1) providing an examination by an appropriate medical professional, (2) collecting evidence of the assault with consent of the patient, (3) reporting the event and transfering evidence to law enforcement with consent of the patient, (3) providing prophylaxis and treatment against sexually transmitted diseases and (4) notifying the rape crisis center. Hospitals across the state are working to better serve victims of sexual assault at any hour of the day.

The resources to the left will help hospitals meet the regulatory requirements every hospital emergency department must follow in Kentucky. There are also resources to guide hospitals in obtaining certification as Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE)-ready facilities. A SANE is a registered nurse with advanced training in the forensic examination of sexual assault victims and is credentialed by the Board of Nursing. Hospitals can be designated as SANE-ready facilities after successfully demonstrating readiness to provide round-the-clock response for sexual assault victims. Hospitals must care for patients who are victims of sexual assault and collect evidence (with patient consent) regardless of the availability of a SANE nurse at the hospital and regardless if the hospital is designated as SANE-ready.