KHA Town Hall Summary: KHA Introduces Partnership with Transformational Intervention Supporting Highly Reliable Communication


On January 16, KHA hosted the town hall where  Vice President of Clinical Strategy and Transformation Deb Campbell shared KHA’s offer for member hospitals to participate in a transformational partnership with the I-PASS Institutes. Campbell welcomed Dr. Chris Landrigan, Chief of General Pediatrics at Boston Children’s Hospital and C-founder of I-PASS Institute, and Marshall Burkhart, Vice President of Client Engagement for the I-PASS Institute.

The town hall included a discussion of standardizing hand-off communications and systematically embedding the process into standard work across all disciplines, the entire hospital, and between/among hospitals. Jeneen Carman, System CNO for Appalachian Regional Healthcare, explained why this offer was appealing to the organization and what they hope to accomplish by partnering with KHA and the I-PASS Institute.

For more information about this partnership opportunity, please contact Deb Campbell at  (

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