Kentucky Hospital Association Launches New Issue-, Member-Focused Podcast


The Kentucky Hospital Association (KHA) just launched a new podcast for both KHA members and the general public, the association announced Wednesday. The show will highlight healthcare news, specific issues affecting KHA members, and KHA member hospitals and their achievements.

“We’re excited about the opportunities this podcast presents to us to help keep our members informed about what’s going in in Frankfort and to continue to tell the story of Kentucky Hospitals to the public,” said KHA President Nancy Galvagni.

The podcast will be hosted by KHA Senior Director of Communications Ginger Dreyer and Tres Watson, president of Capitol Reins PR and a communications consultant for KHA.

KHA expects to produce 2-3 shows per month and each show will run between 15-30 minutes.

The show is available now on SoundCloud, and will come soon to podcast streaming formats Apple, Spotify, and Google.

Click here to subscribe.

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