Kentucky Chamber Foundation’s Workforce Center, KHA Announce Four New Regional Managers Dedicated to Addressing Health Care Workforce Needs

The workforce shortage is having a critical impact across Kentucky’s key industries, particularly health care. With a statewide hospital workforce vacancy rate of 17.1 percent, the Kentucky Hospital Association (KHA) has provided resources to hire five new regional manager positions dedicated to health care as part of the Kentucky Chamber Foundation’s Workforce Center Talent Pipeline Management (TPM®) program. Four of the five positions are now filled while the search for the fifth regional manager is still in progress. The TPM® program is designed for businesses to play a larger role in building their talent supply chains. Working with the regional hospital TPM® managers, hospitals and health care systems will have the opportunity to join together in a collaborative effort to:
  • Implement and build talent supply chains that support career awareness, career exploration, and career experience opportunities in the hospital industry;
  • Recruit talent into the hospital systems and educational programs;
  • Identify preferred providers to help build diverse and equitable talent pipelines;
  • Align public and private resources to develop and maintain talent pipelines; and
  • Identify and share regional best practices to support critical jobs needed for various types of hospitals.
The Hospital TPM® Initiative is focused on key regions, including greater Louisville, central and northern Kentucky, western Kentucky, southern Kentucky, and eastern Kentucky. “The Kentucky Chamber is committed to supporting health care providers across the Commonwealth during a critical time. By working with KHA to dedicate five TPM® project manager positions to the hospital industry, this partnership allows us to take an even deeper dive into exploring short-and long-term solutions to the workforce crisis,” said Kentucky Chamber President and CEO Ashli Watts. “We are so proud to partner with the Kentucky Hospital Association to bring real, meaningful change to this industry and ensure Kentucky has the health care workforce to meet our state’s needs together.” “This collaboration between KHA and the Kentucky Chamber is crucial in addressing the workforce crisis in hospitals,” noted KHA President and CEO Nancy Galvagni. “By encouraging and empowering individuals to choose health care professions, we can ensure the delivery of quality care to our communities, while creating new and rewarding career opportunities for the next generation of health care professionals. We are excited to lead this project to support our members during the current workforce crisis.” Over the past six years, the TPM®️ team has engaged almost 400 employers to help strengthen the workforce across Kentucky’s key industries. Read more about the work of the Kentucky Chamber Foundation’s Workforce Center in the 2022 impact report.

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