Association Member Exclusive Session with CorroHealth: Decoding Denials

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KHA Solutions Group Affinity Partner CorroHealth will host a virtual session on January 31 at 2:00 p.m. (ET) on “Decoding Denials: Chart A Course Towards Financial Prosperity” presented by Annabelle Seippel, CorroHealth’s Vice President of Denial Management. Denials often emerge as missteps that disrupt the rhythm of cash flow. But what if these denials were more than just setbacks? What if they were signals pointing to deeper systemic issues? And what if you could decode these signals with the precision of analytics?

In this workshop, CorroHealth goes beyond the surface-level challenges to explore the layers beneath the 835, using data analytics as a guide. Together, CorroHealth will chart a course using data-driven insights to help navigate denials, steering toward a future of financial prosperity and operational efficiency.

To register, contact Laura Penton (469-768-0075 or

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