The Remi Group ( has been working with government agencies, banks and health care institutions for over twenty-five years in helping them reduce the cost of maintaining their high-end, technical equipment. Service Contracts are often an overlooked, or avoided area of expense. When all service contracts are considered, this is easily a top-10 expense for your facility. The KHA partnership with Remi is an efficient and instant way to reduce the expense of Service Contracts for older or new equipment.

By simply “changing the economics” of how service is purchased through Remi, your organization can cut your Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Service Contract spend by 15-22% on applicable equipment. And, you can still have the option to use the same service representatives that you have been accustomed to in the past.

Remi can also help extend the life of equipment when the OEM was going to discontinue its services. Remi can use specialized technicians and their access to parts to maintain equipment far beyond what the manufacturer would deem its useful life.

For details on how Remi can help your facility or system, contact Pam Kirchem at KHA ([email protected]).