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Price Transparency Solution

Beginning January 1, 2021, hospitals will be required to meet new CMS Price Transparency mandates beginning. KHA has partnered with PARARev (formerly PARA HealthCare Analytics) to assist hospitals in meeting these requirements. Additionally, KHA has negotiated savings opportunities based upon the number of hospitals that utilize PARA's services.


Special Pricing for KHA Providers

  • Core set up fee: $17,250 (one time)
    • $2,875 per quarter
    • Loading contracts: $125 (each)
  • PARA Tiered Discounts
    • If 16-20+ KY hospitals – 15% discount
    • If 11-15 KY hospitals – 10% discount
    • If 6-10 KY hospitals – 5% discount


Sandra LaPlace
800-999-3332 x225
[email protected]




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