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Voluntary Employee Benefit
Helicopter AND Ground Ambulance Coverage for your Employees and their Families through MASA

Emergencies and accidents can happen anytime, anywhere. Are your employees prepared for the financial burdens that could arise due to extremely high medical transportation costs both at home or while traveling the country?

Americans today suffer from a false sense of security that their medical coverage will pay for all costs associated with emergency or critical care transport. The reality is that the majority of people are only partially covered for these costs.

MASA Medical Transport Solutions provides more than just benefits. They provide the ultimate peace of mind from emergency medical transport bills after even the best insurance companies have paid their part.


Matt Ellis
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Here’s what you can expect with MASA:

  • Payroll deducted. $7 per pay period ($14 a month)
  • Coverage for any emergent helicopter transport. Regardless of the carrier.
  • AND coverage for ground ambulances too!
  • Good in all 50 states – not just Kentucky or this region.
  • Covers spouse and dependents up to age 26

The membership can be offered to your employees anytime, or it can be rolled out in conjunction with open enrollment.