Mako Medical Laboratories


Testing is a key component of the phased approach to resume elective procedures for the safety of both patients and health care professionals. Adequacy of testing is necessary because Kentucky’s hospitals need access to reliable and faster test results for their inpatients, outpatients and staff to ensure safety protocols are in place. Mako Medical is focused on hospital testing.

If you would like access to this testing reserve, please review the program details and implementation instructions and take special note of the “Begin Implementing Today” section. Your timely response is imperative if Kentucky hospitals wish to keep the COVID-19 test capacity that Mako has reserved for Kentucky hospitals.

Mako will turn around tests within 24-36 hours and will provide discounted pricing to KHA members. The pricing per test will include complete collection kits, logistics and interpretation.

With Mako, you get:

  • Faster Test Results
  • Greater Reliability
  • Reserved Testing Capacity
  • 100% Transparency with pricing that is less than the CMS Rate



Ryan Nibert
[email protected]