Please use the listing below to find a KHA staff member. Each staff member's name is a link to their e-mail address. To contact by phone, just dial 502-426-6220 or 800-945-4542 (in Kentucky) and ask for the staff member by name or extension. Direct calls can be made to any staff member by dialing 502-992-then their extension number listed below.

To find a staff member to help you with a specific topic, visit our Staff Listing by Services page.

Nancy Galvagni
ext. 4345 

Debbie Bonn
Executive Assistant to the President
ext. 4361


Sharon Perkins
Director, Education, Human Resources and KIPSQ
ext. 4355

John Tyson
Manager, Building and Support Services
ext. 4338

Brent Wates
Senior Staff Accountant
ext. 4343

Cheri Estes
Administrative Assistant
ext. 4310

Communications and Publications

Brian Bobrow
Director, Corporate Design and Production
ext. 4359

Ginger Dreyer
Director, Communications
ext. 4341

Data Analysis and Planning

Melanie Moch, CPC
Vice President, Data and Health Information Services
ext. 4328

Phillip Brandenburg
Director of Data Analytics
ext. 4340


Sharon Perkins
Director, Education and Human Resources
ext. 4355

Financial Policy

Carl Herde
Vice President, Financial Policy
ext. 4325

Claire Arant
Government Relations and Finance Coordinator
ext. 4336

Government Relations

Claire Arant
Government Relations and Finance Coordinator
ext. 4336

Health Care Policy

Jim Musser, Esq.
Vice President of Health Policy
ext. 4365

Information Services

Matt McDonald
Director, Information Technology 
ext. 4376 

Jay Saunders
Information Services Technician
ext. 4311


Brian Brezosky, JD
General Counsel
ext. 4333

Kim Schwoeppe, JD
Associate General Counsel
ext. 4369

Member Engagement

Harold C. "Bud" Warman, Jr., FACHE
Vice President, Member Engagement
ext. 4348

Ashley Peterson
Director, Member Services and Engagement
ext. 4323

Tammy Wells
Member Services Coordinator
ext. 4370

Preparedness & Trauma

Dick Bartlett, BS, MEd
Emergency Preparedness/Trauma Coordinator
ext. 4305

Donna Skinner
Assistant Emergency Preparedness Coordinator
ext. 4351

Quality Programs

Carla Donnell, MSN, RN
Director of Quality and Patient Safety/Workforce
ext. 4375

Dolores Hagan, RN,BSN,CPHQ
Quality Improvement Analyst
ext. 4389 

Deborah Campbell, RN-BC, MSN, CPHQ
Quality Improvement Advisor
ext. 4383 

Charlie Kendell
External Liaison
ext. 4331 

Emily Henderson, PharmD
Pharmacy Consultant
ext. 4358

KHA Solutions Group

Nancy Galvagni
ext. 4345

Brian Brezosky, JD
Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
ext. 4333

Finance Department

April Smith
Vice President, Finance and Chief Financial Officer
ext. 4329

Katie Swafford
Senior Staff Accountant
ext. 4313

Ashton Kingrey
Staff Accountant
ext. 4318

Affinity Partners

Pam Kirchem, MBA
Director, Hospital Services
ext. 4363

Business Development

Lisa Hyman, JD
Director, Risk Management and Business Development
ext. 4320


Shea Lykins
Credentialing Liaison
ext. 4356

Professional Liability Claims Department

Kim Naber, JD
Director, Professional Liability Claims
Associate General Counsel
ext. 4369

Property and Casualty

Brenda Conn
Customer Service Representative, Property and Casualty
ext. 4352

Risk Management

Lisa Hyman, JD
Director, Risk Management and Business Development
ext. 4320