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Fiducius can help you recruit and retain employees through a loan forgiveness solution that saves them money on their federal student loans - start your free trial today. Their student loan financial planning approach addresses the unique situation of each employee.

“KHA Solutions Group has been excited to bring much needed student loan benefits to hospitals across Kentucky. As a true benefits provider, Fiducius works with each of our member hospitals to effectively design and implement benefits solutions which address their specific objectives. In less than two years, the partnership is already delivering meaningful results. More than twenty KHA member hospitals now provide the Loan Relief benefit to thousands of employees. On average, those employees are saving $590 per month on their student loan payments and are projected to receive an average of $62,400 in forgiveness through the federal Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program. The total projected loan forgiveness exceeds $18,500,000. Now that’s real financial wellness!”

- Pam Kirchem, Director, Hospital Services, Kentucky Hospital Association


David White
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