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Community Wellness, a full-service, turnkey provider of remote patient monitoring (RPM), connects technology, community and live, one-on-one wellness coaching to improve Medicare patient access, outcomes, satisfaction and compliance; reduce costs; and empower physicians and physician practices. Their solution reduces unnecessary hospitalizations, re-hospitalizations and utilization to improve the bottom line of their partner organizations with a service offering called RPM+.

Community Wellness’s certified health and wellness coaches are licensed health care professionals (RNs, LPNs and CMAs), highly experienced in working with Medicare patients to drive monitoring compliance. Each patient is paired with a dedicated coach based on a variety of factors, including chronic condition(s), language, geographic location, comfort with technology, etc., and meets in a video consultation for one 20-minute session per month.

Implementing RPM into your organization is seamless with Community Wellness:

  • RPM devices are shipped directly from CW to your patients
  • CW health & wellness coaches train patients on the use of the devices and tracking app
  • CW takes on the performance risk of ensuring patients submit a minimum number of required readings for Medicare reimbursement
  • CW triages readings outside of normal parameters and alerts patient’s physician as needed
  • CW educates patients on a variety of health topics and makes compliance fun and rewarding through their online community

At Community Wellness, their mission is to make digital health care accessible for patients with chronic conditions and acute illness to optimize their quality of life and they are excited to partner with KHA members to make this possible for your Medicare patients.


Traci Quillen
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