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ChartSpan, the largest chronic care management (CCM) service provider in the U.S., is passionate about improving the health of patients. The company provides a comprehensive set of care services for Medicare beneficiaries across the country.

By providing access to care services specifically designed for chronically ill patients, their team of seasoned clinical experts are able to help patients live fuller and healthier lives while also reducing their medical costs.

ChartSpan recognizes that CCM plays a critical role in the time of a pandemic. You need to reach your vulnerable patients with chronic illnesses and they need to reach you! That’s why ChartSpan has altered their program launch process to meet your critical needs:

  • Fast – Up and running as fast as you need it
  • Simple – No minimum patient count
  • Flexible – Month to month agreements
  • Remote – Virtual onboarding & training


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ChartSpan Mission

  • To improve patient health outcomes that reduce $100,000,000 in annual patient health care spending by 2023.
  • To deliver innovative and life-changing health care technology and services to providers and patients.
  • To deliver amazing solutions that help providers engage more proactively in the care of their patients to optimize patient and practice outcomes.

ChartSpan's solutions are based on the belief that proactive patient engagement is the key to achieving better outcomes. However, asking overburdened physicians and their staffs to implement a care management and coordination program is impractical. That’s why ChartSpan solutions relieve the workload while delivering valuable support, increased revenues and better patient outcomes.

Plus,ChartSpan's technology is the only one in the industry that is HITRUST certified.

Your Medicare patients are likely the most susceptible to COVID-19. Give them access to remote care by starting a CCM program right away.