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Bill Dunbar and Associates (BDA) provides comprehensive and effective solutions in the health care industry. BDA focuses on three main areas – Medical Documentation and Coding Compliance, Health Informatics and Reporting, and Organizational Leadership Training and Development (both virtual and on-site).

  • BDA Medical Documentation and Coding Compliance Solutions provide revenue growth strategies to clinics and hospitals throughout the United States.
  • BDA Health Informatics Solutions provide actionable healthcare information and decision-making tools for populations, providers and patient-specific health, treatment and cost challenges.
  • Dunbar Organizational Health provides virtual and on-site training and coaching to develop a stronger health care partnership culture to drive better results for patients, providers and organizations.



Terri Scales, CPC, CCS-P
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BDA’s team of professionals includes certified coders, health care informaticists, data architects, trainers and coaches with decades of experience working in the health care industry. All of BDA’s solutions offer comprehensive, customized, budget-neutral programs focused on improving organizational health through developing and implementing growth strategies designed to improve its clients’ bottom-line.