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KHA Solutions Group brings greater value to the membership by offering a shared services program that takes advantage of the association’s collective negotiating strength and provides opportunities for shared advocacy where member interests and vendor interests are compatible.

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More and more organizations face the dueling priorities of controlling costs while improving retention and recruiting. Complicating this challenge is the national student loan crisis, which is becoming a pervasive problem for employers. Since 2011, Fiducius has pioneered student loan benefits to address these problems. All based on their proprietary student loan financial planning approach that combines expert advisors with advanced technology.
MORE... is the health care industry's leading hospital jobs site that connects health care candidates and hospitals to find their perfect match. Through their network of thirty-four state hospital associations and integration with advanced online recruitment strategies, HospitalCareers guides health care professionals into successful and fulfilling careers and provides health care organizations with the most cost-effective recruitment resource to attract the highest quality candidates.



Emergencies and accidents can happen anytime, anywhere. Are your employees prepared for the financial burdens that could arise due to extremely high medical transportation costs both at home or while traveling the country? MASA Medical Transport Solutions provides more than just benefits. They provide the ultimate peace of mind from emergency medical transport bills after even the best insurance companies have paid their part.


When you’re searching for a cost-effective contingent workforce solution, there’s only one place you need to turn: Qualivis, a national provider of health care workforce solutions that simplifies staffing and helps hospitals and health systems build a better workplace to improve patient care.