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KHA Solutions Group brings greater value to the membership by offering a shared services program that takes advantage of the association’s collective negotiating strength and provides opportunities for shared advocacy where member interests and vendor interests are compatible.

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is on a mission to improve health care outcomes by bringing clarity, integrity and trust to pharmacy benefit management (PBM). AffirmedRx is a company that delivers true cost control measures and reimbursement not predicated on shell games or bait and switch tactics – no hidden charges or financial withholds.

Bill Dunbar and Associates provides comprehensive and effective solutions in the health care industry. BDA focuses on three main areas – Medical Documentation and Coding Compliance, Health Informatics and Reporting, and Organizational Leadership Training and Development (both virtual and on-site).


ChartSpan, the largest chronic care management (CCM) service provider in the U.S., is passionate about improving the health of patients. The company provides a comprehensive set of care services for Medicare beneficiaries across the country.
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Hospitals are required to meet the CMS Price Transparency mandate. CorroHealth (formerly PARARev) can help Kentucky hospitals meet those requirements at a special discounted rate.

FairCode combines the domain expertise of experienced physicians with modern data science and analytics technologies. They bridge the gap between your attending physicians and hospital coders. The result? Patient acuity and Case Mix Index is more accurately captured; your reimbursement adjusts accordingly.
Settlement opportunities account for billions of dollars in available funds annually. Regrettably, businesses large and small are often denied the money they are entitled to because they don’t have experience negotiating with claims administrators or preparing the required documentation, data sets or forms.
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Compliance is the core of the SUNRx 340B solution. SUNRx assists their clients to maintain accurate and current 340B database information, recertify eligibility annually, help prevent diversion to ineligible patients, block Medicaid claims to avoid duplicate discounts and prepare for program audits.