Center for Health Care Professions

The Kentucky Hospital Association (KHA) initiated the Center for Nursing and Allied Health Professions in mid-1998 with the first Advisory Board meeting occurring in August 1998. The idea for the Center originated with the Boards of the KHA and the Kentucky Hospital Research and Education Foundation (KHREF). The concept for the Center arose in response to providers’ concerns regarding health care changes in the State and the type of nurse and allied health professional that would be needed in the future. The name of the Center changed to Center for Health Care Professions in 1999.


The Center for Health Care Professions is the multidisciplinary entity that works to gather and provide information to prepare a qualified healthcare workforce to optimize the health care of the citizens of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.


The Center for Health Care Professions provides a forum to facilitate the cooperation and collaboration of stakeholders in providing comprehensive, reliable, and timely information on and to the Kentucky health care workforce that will positively impact the health care of its citizens.


  • Facilitate dialogue and collaboration between health care professionals, regulators, educators, and employers
  • Acquire and disseminate information related to workforce redesign activities in health care settings
  • Provide a forum for collaboration in the collection and interpretation of data with other organizations such as the Center for Rural Health
  • Identify and coordinate specific projects that will have positive impact upon the health care professional in the workforce and assist in recruiting to the health care professions
  • Serve as a clearinghouse/resource center for current and accurate information on issues affecting the delivery of health care in Kentucky

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